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^ Katie heads out of Fairbourne in the early 1980's. At this stage she has lost her buffers, which she later regained, but still has her cowcatcher. (Ian Goodman)

^ Sian and Katie ran together at Cleethorpes from 1995 to 1997. They are seen here in 1995 along with Geoff, Chris and Jeremy from SPG. At this stage, Katie was more reliable than Sian was. (Stan Buck)

^ Katie's boiler was condemned in 1998 and she remained dismantled at Cleethorpes until Austin Moss bought her in 2001. (Owen Ryder)

^ Katie's boiler at Windmill in 2001. (Geoff Holland)

^ Katie's firebox is cut open for inspection in 2002. (Owen Ryder)

> Geoff works on Katie's tender in 2002 (Owen Ryder)

\/ Austin and Elwyn stripped, cleaned, repainted and reassembled Katie's chassis at Windmill Farm. (Owen Ryder)

^ Austin Moss bought Katie and reassembled her as a static exhibit for the Windmill Farm gala in 2001. Sian and Katie pose for photographs. Subsequently Katie has been undergoing full restoration which will include a new boiler. If you would like to help, please contact Austin directly. (Geoff Holland)