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Cleethorpes Coast Light Rly

Cleethorpes Coast Light Rly

Spot the difference! Siān at Cleethorpes, above in 1996, and below in 1997. Same location, same train, same driver, but during the winter a new cab had been made, the running boards were reduced to their original width and a repaint completed including lining.

^ On shed at Cleethorpes, Siān was nicknamed "Siān The Shiny Engine" although she was dogged by poor reliability. This photograph was taken shortly after failing with a leaking washout plug. (Owen Ryder)

Siān ran at Cleethorpes in 1995, 1996 and 1997. She was originally hired to the railway to help solve their locomotive shortage, but in due course, Katie and No.24 also arrived. This meant the line was being run by ex-Fairbourne Railway engines. By 1998, the CCLR decided they no longer needed to hire Siān. Siān made a brief visit in 2001 for their gala weekend.

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^ Since Siān left in 1998, the CCLR has rebuilt the Kingsway end of the line. The new terminus now has this impressive canopied station. Siān is shown here in May 2001. (Owen Ryder)

^ I admit, this is not the best quality photo but it shows a rare moment. Here, Siān and Katie double head on the CCLR, late in the evening sometime in 1996. (Owen Ryder)