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Boiler Work (1998-2000)

Boiler Work (1998-2000)

^ Following repairs, the barrel is riveted to the firebox, but the front tubeplate is still to be fitted. (Geoff Holland)

^ Looking through the firebox door, you can see where the new firebox tubeplate has been welded in. (Owen Ryder)

^ Looking down the barrel, you can see the water space between inner and outer fireboxes. This shows the new firebox tubeplate in place (Geoff Holland)

^ The new front tubeplate (Geoff Holland)

The boiler work was done at Sam Ward's works in Killamarsh, Sheffield. This involved a new front tubeplate, a new firebox tubeplate, a new boss for the fusible plug, new main steam pipe, new tubes and attention to some of the stays. A completely new smokebox was also fitted.

^ Lowering the boiler onto the chassis at the lockup using a hired lifting frame and several volunteers! (Gill Holland)
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