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Workshop (1998-2000)

^ The old valve coming out.

^ The chassis was on axle stands during 1999.

^ The running boards became very handy shelves!

^ A crank and bearing removed from the axle.

^ It's not often you see a smokebox as clean as this.

^ Nearly finished !  (17th April 2000)

^ The new cab being built in 1997.

Workshop (1998-2000)

^ The new valve going in!

^ The cab on 17th April 2000

The Siān Project Group does most of its work in a garage in Ravenglass. A selection of tools are available and the use of a lathe and pillar drill means that most maintenance jobs can be tackled.

Heavier jobs have to be contracted out, although this has been restricted to boiler work and some of the larger machining jobs.

Since the loco was bought in 1994, the following work has been carried out:-

- Thorough overhaul of tender chassis including modifications to braking system.

- Completely new tender body fabricated and fitted.

- New cab built, including reducing running boards to the original width.

- New tubeplates and other boiler repairs.   (Sam Ward's of Sheffield)

- New smokebox and ashpan.

- Chassis rebuilt involving new axle bearings, coupling rod bushes, both little and big end bearings, and new gudgeon pins.

- New valves and valve rings with repairs and modifications to the valve gear.

- Refurbished fittings including drain cocks, whistle, and water level gauges.

- Improved appearance with additional fittings such as cylinder covers, splashers, brass lubricator pots, builders plates e.t.c.

- Main steam pipes returned to their original positions.

- A new regulator (that doesn't require a hammer blow to open and close it!).

- Fitting handrails and buffers.

Future work includes:-

- New driving wheel tyres and axles.

All photos this page:- Owen Ryder
 Click here to see the boiler work